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​Commercial Lotions vs. Handmade Lotions

Have you ever bought an expensive lotion product and applied it, only to go back and reapply minutes later? I have always wondered how some lotion products left my hands feeling oily, yet dry at the same time. The reason is because almost all commercial lotions on the market today contain sodium hydroxide, which is the active ingredient used in soap (lye), along with oils and waters. Without this ingredients we wouldn't have soap.  But by itself, this ingredient is extremely drying to the skin and keeps you going back for more lotion, some of which is very expensive. In addition, commercial lotions often contain parabens, preservatives which have been linked to breast cancer and haven't been tested by the FDA, nor are they regulated. Large cosmetic companies claim parabens are safe in small amounts, but why take the risk when there are natural alternatives out there that do the job just as well? 

Our lotions, creams and body butters are all parabens free and organic. Best of all, they don't have any drying ingredients in them- which means they a good value because a little goes a long way.